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About Us

We are all about Crafting Sweet Memories

The tradition of making and consuming sweets in sub-continent dates back centuries. Sweets or "mithai" as they are known in sub-continent, play a significant role in Asian culture and are an integral part of various celebrations, festivals, and ceremonies. The diverse and rich culinary heritage of sub-continent has given rise to a wide variety of sweets, each with its unique flavors, textures, and preparation methods.


Our Story

Building upon the illustrious sweets making heritage of the Subcontinent, Mr R I Ahmad, the founder, and CEO of NIRALA, embarked on this journey in the UK back in 1993, establishing the inaugural store in Eastham, London. Right from the start, NIRALA Sweets gained rapid acclaim, positioning itself as a top-tier Asian sweets brand in the dynamic city of London. Over the years, Mr. Ahmad's unwavering commitment to delivering supreme quality sweet products led to a gradual increase of stores, strategically catering to the growing demand not only in various areas of London but across the rest of the UK.

Despite the deliberate slow pace of our expansion in early years, each step forward was characterised by a steadfast resolve of no compromise on the exceptional quality of our products that had become synonymous with the NIRALA brand. This conscious decision has been the cornerstone of our success, ensuring that every customer experiences the same level of excellence and authenticity that defines NIRALA Sweets.

In response to the escalating consumer demand for NIRALA sweets, we are strategically extending our reach to every corner of the UK. Our proactive approach involves expanding our manufacturing facilities to guarantee a seamless and abundant supply to accommodate the growing network of our stores.

The surging popularity of our products across the UK necessitates the creation of new stores to serve our valued consumers effectively. NIRALA expansion target of opening about 100 stores in UK is a commitment to ensure that our top-quality and fresh sweets are readily accessible and enjoyed by customers in their own local area.

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